Research Area: Occupational health and safety

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Regulating Work in Confined Spaces
Publication Date: January 2009 Research Area: Government; Labor
Worker Safety in the Construction Industry: The Crane and Derrick Standard
Publication Date: September 2008 Research Area: Labor; Manufacturing and industry
Coal Mine Safety and Health
Publication Date: March 2008 Research Area: Energy; Labor
Nurses' Health
Publication Date: December 2007 Research Area: Health; Labor
Health Hazards Associated with Toxic Exposure in Nail Salons
Publication Date: February 2007 Research Area: Environment; Labor
Publisher(s): Author(s): Philip OConnor, Alexandra Gorman
Five Chemicals Alternatives Assessment Study: Executive Summary
Publication Date: June 2006 Research Area: Environment; Labor; Manufacturing and industry
Are Small Businesses Riskier Than Larger Ones?
Publication Date: January 2006 Research Area: Labor
Alternatives Assessment for Toxics Use Reduction: A Survey of Methods and Tools
Publication Date: January 2005 Research Area: Business; Environment; Labor