Research Area: Business operations and practices

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Going Beneath the Surface on Today's Corporate Scandals
Publication Date: July 2009 Research Area: Business; Culture and religion
Mark-to-Market Accounting: Shooting Ourselves in the Foot
Publication Date: March 2009 Research Area: Banking and finance; Business
Small Business Health Insurance
Publication Date: February 2009 Research Area: Business; Health
From Coffins to Coffers
Publication Date: May 2008 Research Area: Business; Politics
Do Politically Connected Firms Undermine Their Own Competitiveness?
Publication Date: January 2008 Research Area: Business; Politics
Bits, Bytes, and Balance Sheets: The New Economic Rules of Engagement in a Wireless World
Publication Date: November 2007 Research Area: Business; Media, telecommunications, and information; Science and technology
What Do We Know About Wal-Mart?
Publication Date: August 2005 Research Area: Business; Economics