Research Area: Education financing, facilities, and equipment

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Why Is College So Expensive?
Publication Date: September 2010 Research Area: Education
Education Vouchers Benefit Edgewood Economy
Publication Date: July 2010 Research Area: Education
Washington’s Estate Tax: Revenue for Higher Education and Early Learning
Publication Date: February 2010 Research Area: Banking and finance; Education
The Effect of Alternative Savings Approaches on College Aid
Publication Date: August 2009 Research Area: Education
Publisher(s): Tax Policy Center Author(s): Elaine Maag
The 2008 Amendments to the Federal Higher Education Act: Are We on the Right Track?
Publication Date: March 2009 Research Area: Education
Publisher(s): Author(s): Bradford J. Zulick, Jacob O. Stampen
Medicaid and Schools
Publication Date: February 2009 Research Area: Education; Health