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From "Azure" to "Hebraic Political Studies"

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Publication Date: January 2006

Publisher(s): Association for Jewish Studies; Association for Jewish Studies

Author(s): Allan Arkush; Allan Arkush

Series: AJS Perspectives: The Newsletter of the Association for Jewish Studies, Fall 2006, pp.20-21.

Special Collection: Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Topic: Culture and religion (Religion and religious groups)
Politics (Political ideologies and movements)

Keywords: Publications; Public Policy; Academic Research; Judaic Studies

Type: Report


The author compares the Shalem Center publication "Azure" -- which, the author explains, was seen by many as a "neoconservative" political magazine -- with the new publication which replaces it, "Hebraic Political Studies" -- which the Shalem Center suggests will be of a narrower, scholarly emphasis, according to the author. The author contends that despite different editorship and stated goals, the two magazines share many characteristics, with both sharing characterstics of the reputation of each.