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Here We Go Again: What the Money Trail Tells Oregonians about Measure 49

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Publication Date: January 2007

Publisher(s): Democracy Reform Oregon

Author(s): Sarah Wetherson

Topic: Environment (Land resources and use)
Politics (Campaigns, lobbying, and pressure groups)

Keywords: Campaign contributions; Land-use

Coverage: Oregon


Measure 37 requires local and state governments to compensate landowners for any loss in value
caused by land-use regulations, or to waive those regulations. The Measure 49 referral, according to its supporters, restores fairness to the land-use system by allowing landowners to build a limited number of houses on their land while stopping unfettered commercial
development. Detractors say that the referral guts Measure 37, taking away important property rights granted by the measure and ignoring the will of the voters.

The main ideological players on this land-use issue continue to be Oregonians in Action and 1000 Friends of Oregon. Both groups are key players in forming political committees to oppose and support the Measure 49 campaign this fall. Past groups and individuals involved on both Accessible politics, accountable government sides foreshadow the sources of money Oregonians will see behind the campaigns as they heat up this summer and fall.