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Dismantling the Public's Right to Know

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Publication Date: January 2005

Publisher(s): OMB Watch (Organization : U.S.)

Topic: Environment (Environmental policy)

Keywords: environmental right to know; toxics release inventory; environmental protection agency

Type: Report


Under the Bush administration, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is slowly dismantling its flagship environmental information tool -- the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). The program has been protected and improved over the last 15 years. The TRI database enables the public to learn about the environmental risks in our workplaces and communities by providing information about hundreds of toxic chemicals released into the environment. Moreover, the TRI program has served as a constant example of the vital role information plays in a democracy and the importance of the public's right to know. Unfortunately, the program's success has made it a target for those that seek to reduce corporate oversight and accountability.