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Measure Campaigns Near $22 Million Mark

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Publication Date: November 2007

Publisher(s): Democracy Reform Oregon

Author(s): Sarah Wetherson

Topic: Politics (Campaigns, lobbying, and pressure groups)

Type: News release

Coverage: Oregon


Two measures approach $22 million in campaign cash, with contributions from tobacco companies comprising half that total.

Timber interests dominate the effort to block Measure 49. As of Wednesday morning, campaigners for and against measures 49 and 50 had raised $21,970,100 or about $4 million more than the $17,961,616 total raised by campaigns for and against 10 measures on the 2006 ballot. Timber-related interests make up at least $1,371,000, or 61 percent of the $2,259,393 total that committees urging a 'no" vote on Measure 49 have raised.

Three PACs are actively opposing measure 49, Fix Measure 49, Oregonians in Action PAC and Stop Taking Our Property. George Advertising, a business owned by State Senator Larry George, is one of the campaign's top 10 donors, providing $74,684 in in-kind contributions. No on 49 campaigners have raised $184,153, or 8 percent of its total, from contributors giving $100 or less. Assuming an average contribution of $50, the "no" side has 3683 donors in that category. Yes on 49 has out fundraised the "no" side about 2 to 1.