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Asbestos Still A Public Health Tragedy; Congress Taking Action

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Publication Date: February 2008

Publisher(s): Environmental Working Group

Author(s): Richard Wiles

Topic: Environment (Pollution and environmental degradation)

Keywords: asbestos

Type: Report


Asbestos kills an estimated 10,000 people in the United States each year, and the number of deaths is increasing. More people die from asbestos diseases annually than from skin cancer, or from fires, drowning, and Hodgkins disease combined. Asbestos mortality is not expected to peak until around 2020, and will continue for decades as exposures from products in use today as well as deteriorating older products in homes and businesses, kills thousands of unsuspecting people.

If asbestos were banned today, the public health tragedy of asbestos mortality would continue for at least another 50 years. Delaying a ban is inexcusable, and will only prolong and add to this needless injury and death.