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Poverty Elimination Strategies That Work

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Publication Date: December 2010

Publisher(s): Social IMPACT Research Group


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Type: Report


Poverty Elimination Strategies That Work

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In the midst of the recession, the state budget crisis, and historic unemployment rates, local communities are grappling with how to meet the needs of the growing number of individuals and families experiencing extreme poverty and hardship. Poverty Elimination Strategies that Work, a report released today by Heartland Alliance, highlights numerous local solutions that are currently being implemented in communities around the state and the country. This report is meant to be a tool kit to assist neighborhood groups, faith communities, service providers, policymakers, and others, in creating solutions to fundamentally address poverty. The web-based report provides over 50 Poverty Elimination Strategies that Work along with hyperlinks to sources which contain information about highlighted solutions and additional resources that may be useful in developing and implementing poverty elimination strategies locally.

The report was developed not only as a resource for local communities but also with an eye toward a much broader and ambitious goal. The strategies highlighted in the report will be considered as possible recommendations for a comprehensive statewide plan currently being developed by the Illinois Commission on the Elimination Poverty. The Poverty Commission is charged with creating a substantive, measurable plan, grounded in human rights standards, to cut extreme poverty in Illinois in half by the year 2015.