Research Area: Constitutional law

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Transparent Elections after Citizens United
Publication Date: March 2011 Research Area: Government; Law and ethics
Writing Reform (2010 Edition)
Publication Date: December 2010 Research Area: Government; Law and ethics; Politics
A Capitalist Joker
Publication Date: January 2010 Research Area: Law and ethics; Politics
Legal Analysis of Religious Exemptions for Photo Identification Requirements
Publication Date: April 2009 Research Area: Culture and religion; Law and ethics
Fairness Doctrine: History and Constitutional Issues
Publication Date: March 2009 Research Area: Law and ethics
The Law of Church and State: Public Aid to Sectarian Schools
Publication Date: February 2009 Research Area: Education; Law and ethics
Cumpulsory DNA Collection: A Fourth Amendment Analysis
Publication Date: January 2009 Research Area: Justice; Law and ethics