Recent Developments in Jewish Identification in the United States: A Cohort Follow-Up and Facet Analysis


Publication Date: January 2001

Publisher: Institute of Contemporary Jewry

Author(s): Uzi Rebhun

Research Area: Culture and religion; Social conditions

Keywords: American Jews; Demography; Identity formation

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


In Jewish Population Studies 29 (Papers in Jewish Demography, 1997),261-279. The present article seeks to further the current understanding of Jewish life in America by examining trends in Jewish identification over a relatively long span of time. Using the 1970 and the 1990 NJPS the author suggests that the process characterizing American Jewry are diverse and often complex. American Jewry is not proceeding in one clear path. While some expressions of Jewish identification have experienced significant decline, others sustained a fair amount of stability and have even been slightly strengthened.