Jewish Legal Interpretation of Moral Values: Two Responsa by Rabbi Hayyim David Halevi on the Obligations of the Israeli Government towards Its Minority Population


Publication Date: January 2001

Publisher: Central Conference of American Rabbis

Author(s): David H. Ellenson

Research Area: Culture and religion; Social conditions

Keywords: Israeli Jews; American Jews

Type: Report


In CCRA Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly Summer/2001, 5-20. The author indicates how R. Halevi addresses a series of textual and moral problems addressed in Yebamot 78b-79a in light of key Jewish values embedded in the text. He shows how R. Halevi analyzes the Talmudic solution to these difficulties in each instance and explores the political and moral entailments R. Halevi derives from these interpretations for Israeli life today. Comments on what this genre of Jewish legal literature might mean to liberal Jews are offered at the conclusion.