The Self-Renewing Organization: How Ideas from the Field of Organizational Development can Revitalize Jewish Institutions.

Publication Date: October 2002

Publisher: Jewish Agency for Israel

Author(s): Isa Aron

Research Area: Social conditions

Keywords: World Jews; Jewish education; Jewish organization

Type: Report


In a world which is changing rapidly, all organizations must learn to become more open to new ideas, more flexible in outlook, and more thoughtful in their policies. The paper discusses four capacities of the self-renewing institution: 1) thinking back and thinking ahead - being both reflective and proactive; 2) enabling leaders to follow, and followers to lead - practicing collaborative leadership; 3) seeing both the trees and the forest - celebrating the diversity of the membership while maintaining a vision of a holistic community; 4) honoring the past while anticipating the future - balancing tradition and change.