The A. B. Yeoshua Controversy An Israeli-Diaspora Dialogue on Jewishness, Israeliness, and Identity

Publication Date: August 2006

Publisher: Dorothy and Julius Koppelman Institute on American Jewish-Israeli Relations; American Jewish Committee

Author(s): Noam Marans; Roselyn Bell

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: American Jews; Israeli Jews; Israel attachment

Type: Report

Coverage: United States Israel


The articles included in this publication represent a small proportion of the totality of responses in print, on blogs, and in public discourse to the discussion that was launched on the first evening of the American Jewish Committee's Centennial Symposium, May 1-2, 2006. The selection of articles, editing, and some translation from the Hebrew were the work of Rabbi Noam Marans, associate director of the Contemporary Jewish Life Department, and Roselyn Bell, director of publications, at AJC.