Developing the Developers

Publication Date: April 2007

Publisher: Fisher Bernstein Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership

Author(s): Amy L. Sales; Nicole Samuel

Research Area: Banking and finance

Keywords: American Jews; Fundraising/Philanthropy; Occupation

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


Evidence suggest that the fundraising profession with its high rates of burnout, turnover, and new hires, is one of the must troubled arenas in the Jewish community. The research is concerned with the sources of these difficulties and actions that might remedy the situation. One of its goals is to document and analyze the fundraiser shortage, both in the Jewish community and in the non profit sector more broadly. A second goal is to understand the strategic thinking of those who have recognized the problem and begun to tackle it. The study is based on an extensive literature review and on interviews with over 120 individuals knowledgeable about the field.