Genetic Town Halls: Generating Informed Opinions About Reproductive Genetic Testing

Publication Date: January 2005

Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Author(s): Kathy Hudson; Joan Scott

Research Area: Health

Keywords: Public consultation; Genetic testing

Type: Other


The Genetics and Public Policy Center at The Johns Hopkins
University, with funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts, undertook
a deliberative public engagement activity in six American cities
during the summer of 2004. These sessions are detailed in our
report, The Genetic Town Hall: Making Every Voice Count.

Participants considered issues about reproductive genetic testing,
including carrier testing, prenatal testing, and preimplantation
genetic diagnosis (PGD). Reproductive genetic testing provides
parents more options in having healthy babies; it also raises
troubling questions about future uses of testing technologies.

Today, for example, it is possible to test for certain genetic disorders;
tomorrow, it may be possible to test for genetic contributions to characteristics such as intelligence.

In Professional Ethics Report, vol.18 no. 1, Winter 2005.