Who Signs Up? Family Participation in Medi-Cal and Healthy Families

Publication Date: November 2005

Publisher: UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Author(s): Jennifer R. Kincheloe; E. Richard Brown

Research Area: Health

Keywords: Medi-Cal; Healthy Families; health insurance

Type: Report

Coverage: California


This report provides estimates of program participation expressed as the ratio of children who are enrolled in either the MC or the HF programs to the total number who are eligible to participate in the programs and who do not have private or employer sponsored health insurance coverage. Program participation rates are provided by geographic region and by county (where sample size permits).

Because parents are the decision makers regarding children's health insurance enrollment, this report also highlights the disparities in children's enrollment by parental characteristics including ethnicity, immigration status, English language proficiency and language spoken in the home. By learning about the parents of uninsured eligible children, we can better target them with outreach programs. The report also provides the most frequent reasons parents give for not enrolling their eligible children in the programs, by ethnicity.