Census Snapshot: California's Asian/Pacific Islander LGB Population

Publication Date: October 2008


Author(s): Christopher Ramos; Gary J Gates

Research Area: Population and demographics; Social conditions

Keywords: lesbian; California; asian; gay

Type: Report

Coverage: California


This report provides a general overview of Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) in same-sex couples as well as the broader API lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) population in California.

We use data from the 2005/2006 American Community Survey (ACS), conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, to compare the characteristics of APIs in same-sex couples to their different-sex married counterparts. In all cases, when this report describes characteristics of couples, the data source is the ACS. While the ACS provides an excellent source of information about those in same-sex couples, it cannot provide information about the larger API LGB population since it includes no explicit question about sexual orientation.