A Modest Proposal for Mideast Peace

Publication Date: January 2008

Publisher: Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace

Author(s): Victor Davis Hanson

Research Area: International relations

Keywords: Israel; Middle East

Type: Report

Coverage: Israel


Perhaps it is time for a new global approach to deal with Israel and its occupation. There could be five U.N. sessions: disputed capitals, the right of return for refugees, land under occupation, the creation of artificial post –World War II states, and the use of inordinate force against suspected Islamist terrorists.

The solutions that countries as diverse as China, Russia, and the broader Middle East have worked out to deal with similar problems apparently have been a success — at least if the inattention of the world, the apparent inaction of the United Nations, and the relative silence of European governments are any indication. The world has much to teach Israel about humility and concessions, on issues ranging from how other countries in the past have dealt with missiles sent into their homeland to cross-border incursions by bellicose neighbors.