,Creating Workforce Development Structures for All Working-Age Adults

Creating Workforce Development Structures for All Working-Age Adults


Publication Date: June 1999

Publisher: National Governors' Association

Author(s): Mark Greenberg; Steve Savner

Research Area: Labor; Social conditions

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


This is one of a set of articles contained in the National Governors Association publication, Rethinking Income Support for the Working Poor: Perspectives on Unemployment Insurance, Welfare and Work. The full publication can be obtained from the NGA website, at http://st7.yahoo.net/governors/retinsupforw.html.

The CLASP contribution argues that the low level of receipt of unemployment insurance (UI) by former welfare recipients, as well as female and low-wage workers generally, suggests significant failings in the current UI system. However, even with modifications to UI eligibility rules, many low-wage workers will likely continue to be ineligible for UI.

The article suggests that a new program of temporary, needs-based income assistance and employment services that supplements the UI system could be an important step in providing support for workers between jobs and in helping states moving toward a unified workforce development structure for all working-age adults, and suggests some ways that TANF-related funds could be used in support of such an effort.