At a Century's End, At a Century's Beginning: Symposium on the Prospects for Judaism and the Jews

Publication Date: January 2006

Publisher: American Jewish Committee

Author(s): Moshe Halbertal; Leon Wieseltier; Michael Walzer; Steven Bayme

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Spirituality; Community Relations; Jewish identification; Future

Type: Other


The American Jewish Committee (AJC) publishes six scholarly papers which were presented at its May 2006 Centennial Symposium on Judaism and the Jewish people. The papers are entitled: "The Forms and Fortunes of Jewish Spirituality: The Role of Spirituality in the Life of the Jewish People"; "American Jewry at the Start of a Century: What Should We Worry About Next?"; "The Jewish Community: Old Models, New Models"; "At a Century's End, At a Century's Beginning: Thoughts on the Future Shape of Judaism and Jewish Identification"; "AJC Centennial Reflections: A View of the Past and a Program for the Future"; and "A Synopsis of the AJC Centennial Symposium".