Policy Recommendations to the New Administration: American Jewish Committee


Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher: American Jewish Committee


Research Area: Government; Human rights

Keywords: Advocacy; National Security; Human Rights; Community Relations

Type: Brief

Coverage: United States Israel


The following Policy Recommendations to the New Administration reflect the American Jewish Committee's longstanding commitment to, and advocacy for, domestic and international policies promulgated by the United States that advance religious freedom and other fundamental human rights; tolerance and pluralism; Israel' s security
and fair treatment in the community of nations; the security of the United States, including a vigorous response to terrorism and promotion of energy security; and protection of the civil rights and liberties that are at the core of our nation's identity, including free speech and the separation of church and state.

These recommendations were compiled and are forwarded to the Presidential Transition Project in the hope that they will prove useful in the preparation of policy guidelines for the Obama Administration on issues of concern to AJC.