,,Toward a Diplomatic Plan on Nuclear Issues

Toward a Diplomatic Plan on Nuclear Issues


Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher: Nuclear Threat Initiative; Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace

Author(s): Sidney D. Drell; George P. Shultz; Chester A. Crocker

Research Area: International relations; Military and defense

Keywords: Nuclear governance; Diplomatic strategy; Policy choices; Nuclear diplomacy

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The spread of nuclear know-how and materials presents an ever more important challenge to the effort control the spread of nuclear weapons. In this timely publication, noted authority on foreign relations Ambassador Chester A. Crocker lays out a U.S. diplomatic strategy for moving toward a world order that reduces the role of nuclear weapons and prevents their spread beyond today's nuclear weapons states.

In six parts, Crocker uses an approach that seeks to implement diplomatically the proposals set forth by the Hoover Institution project, in cooperation with the Nuclear Threat Initiative, for taking steps toward a world without nuclear weapons.

First, he lays out how the new administration should approach the nuclear agenda and build the foundation for progress. Second, he identifies critical obstacles and the geopolitical linkages that must be understood in order to deal with them. Third, he outlines the basic policy choices and defines the parameters of a fresh nuclear diplomacy. Fourth, he discusses how to launch the diplomatic strategy including early actions to be taken by the United States as it lays the policy groundwork for early contacts with key parties. Fifth, he sets out aims and arguments for U.S. diplomacy with core states that could create necessary momentum to move things forward. Lastly, he addresses the essential question of institutions and forums for future nuclear governance.