Report on Research for LKI


Publication Date: July 2005

Publisher: Jewish Education Service of North America

Author(s): Liz Stoll

Research Area: Education

Keywords: Education; Organizational Development; Jewish Organizations; Future

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The Lippman Kanfer Institute (LKI) for Innovation in Jewish Learning and Engagement aims to infuse innovation into the Jewish educational system. (LKI is operated by JESNA, the Jewish Education Service of North America.)

This report provides background information to guide the planning of LKI. General theory on the diffusion of innovations and the change process is discussed, as well as information about innovation and change specifically in education and Jewish education. Furthermore, findings about the nature of think tanks are shared, since the current vision for LKI is to be"an action-oriented think tank." Finally, recommendations for LKI planning are given based on the research.