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Fulfilling Your Budget Reform Promise of a Net Spending Cut: A Memo to President-elect Obama

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Publication Date: December 2008

Publisher(s): Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Alison Acosta Fraser; Brian M. Riedl

Topic: Banking and finance (Public finance)
Economics (Economic policy, planning, and development)
Government (Legislative power and procedure)

Keywords: Government programs; Presidential transition; Federal budget

Coverage: United States


The American people have repeatedly expressed exasperation at the pork, runaway spending, and budget deficits that have plagued Washington during this decade. It is not difficult to identify the programs most in need of reform, but fiscal responsibility can be achieved only through a willingness to stand up to interest groups and their allies in Congress and by making the difficult but necessary decisions. The result will be a stronger economy, a smaller budget deficit, and a lower tax burden.


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