Israel Education in Reform Congregational Schools

Publication Date: June 2007

Publisher: Central Conference of American Rabbis

Author(s): Lisa D. Grant

Research Area: Culture and religion; Education

Keywords: Part-time (supplementary) schools; Israel Attachment; Religious Denominations

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The author presents findings from her study, whose purpose was to explore how Israel education in Reform congregations measures up to the consensus opinion that American Jewish Education falls short when it comes to significant and enduring Israel engagement. She concludes that Israel education must be seen as an integral component of Reform Jewish identity. She argues that this can be done by fostering deeper identification and attachment to Reform Judaism. She states that by creating a Reform Judaism that integrates and connects the many faces of Israel, we foster a deeper connection to what it means to be a Reform Jew. This task can and must be enhanced by actively integrating Israel into religious studies and by developing meaningful and enduring modes of social engagement with Israelis and Israeli life.

In CCAR Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly, Summer 2007.