A Comparative Profile of Jewish Elderly in South Florida and Israel

Publication Date: January 1989

Publisher: Institute of Contemporary Jewry

Author(s): Henry Green; Pnina Zadka; Ira M. Sheskin

Research Area: Population and demographics

Keywords: Demography; Elderly; Jewish Identification

Type: Report

Coverage: Florida Israel


The purpose of this study is to compare the elderly Jewish communities of two south Florida counties with the elderly Jewish population of Israel. The authors do this by isolating a series of demographic, socioeconomic, and "Jewishness" factors. The results indicate significant differences, as well as similarities that tend to be more pronounced with increasing age. An important social service implication of these data is the realization that social service programs that may be successful in one geographic environment may not be successful in another because of the significant demographic differences extant between areas.

In Jewish Population Studies, No. 25, Papers in Jewry Demography, 1989.