,Mega-Gifts in American Philanthropy: Giving Patterns between 2001-2003

Mega-Gifts in American Philanthropy: Giving Patterns between 2001-2003


Publication Date: January 2007

Publisher: Institute for Jewish and Community Research

Author(s): Gary A. Tobin; Aryeh K. Weinberg

Research Area: Banking and finance

Keywords: Foundations; Fundraising and Philanthropy; Higher Education; Allocations

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The authors examine a large sample of donations to determine giving patterns for mega-gifts (defined as $1 million or more). The data presented in this study provide a unique look at the highest end philanthropy.
Strong trends are observable among the data.
Higher education, both public and private, is
the single largest recipient, receiving over $18
billion. The second most popular sector for
giving was health, receiving about $7 billion.
The third most popular area of giving was
arts and culture, receiving about $5 billion.
The data shows that minimal risk-taking in
mega-giving reigns in practice, even if megagivers
often want to be "thinking outside the box."