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Welcoming Synagogues Project: Preliminary Results from the 2009 Synagogue Survey on Diversity and LGBT Inclusion

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Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher(s): Ma'yan (Program : New York, N.Y.)

Author(s): Caryn Aviv; Steven M. Cohen; Judith Veinstein

Topic: Culture and religion (Religion and religious groups)
Social conditions (Discrimination and affirmative action)

Keywords: Culture; Congregations; Tolerance; Diversity

Coverage: United States


This power point presentation highlights findings from a 2009 survey of synagogues designed to ascertain the relationship between synagogues and lesbian, gay and bisexual Jews. (Transgendered Jews were not measured in this sample.) Topics covered include the American Jewish LGB population; the inclusiveness of synagogue policies, synagogue practices, and ritual observances; and the perceptions and attitudes of rabbis vis-a-vis their congregations' degree of welcoming LGB Jews.


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