A Census of Jewish Supplementary Schools in the United States: 2006-2007


Publication Date: August 2008

Publisher: AviChai Foundation

Author(s): Jack Wertheimer

Research Area: Culture and religion; Education

Keywords: Enrollment; Jewish Education; Part-time (supplementary) schools; Religious Denominations

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The author presents data on supplementary schools for Jewish education including religious schools, Hebrew schools, and congregational schools. Findings include: supplementary schools enroll the majority of students receiving a Jewish education; students are clustered in the grades leading up to Bar/Bat Mitzvah; enrollment differs greatly depending on denominational affiliation of the school; overall, enrollment is small; a large number of schools have altered their hours of instruction in recent years; the numbers of class meeting hours vary greatly by grade level; and, slightly more than half the schools offer Shabbat programming.