A Comprehensive Skill Building Approach to Jewish Values: Social and Emotional Learning and Caring Early Childhood Classrooms

Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher: Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education

Author(s): Maurice J. Elias; Jeffrey S. Kress

Research Area: Education

Keywords: Values; Psychology; Identity formation; Pre-schools

Type: Report


The authors assert that many of the underlying competencies and skills needed to live up to many Jewish values (and to perform many Jewish positive behaviors) overlap with the core competencies described by the academic concept of "EQ/SEL," or "emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning." They provide examples to show that EQ/SEL -based activities in early childhood education programs can enhance Jewish development alon with general personal development. The authors discuss how these concerns can be integrated into existing programs, and into parents' homes. Tables explaining the basic skills of EQ/SEL are included.

In CAJE Early Childhood Publication: Jewish Values for Growing Outstanding Jewish Children, v.1.