The Role of Radical Islamic Groups in Israel: Implications for Israeli-Arab Coexistence

Publication Date: March 2009

Publisher: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Author(s): Mordechai Kedar

Research Area: Culture and religion; Politics; Social conditions

Keywords: israel; islam; jewish history; palestinians

Type: Brief

Coverage: Israel


The core question is to whom does this country belong? According to the Arab narrative, this has been an Arab Islamic state since the days of Omar, the caliph who conquered the country in the seventh century. According to the Islamic approach, since Islam began in 622 CE, all of history before that time has no meaning or significance.

From the Jewish perspective, this country was populated by Jews and two Jewish kingdoms were here until 1900 years ago when the Jews were expelled with no justification. It even appears in the Koran that this country had been given to the Jews. To call Israel a "colonialist" state, as the Committee of Arab Local Authorities in Israel did in 2006, means a total denial of Jewish history.