Changing Conceptions of Jewish Collectivity Among Young Adult Jews and Their Implications for Jewish Education: A Dual Research Project

Publication Date: August 2002

Publisher: Jewish Agency for Israel. Department of Jewish-Zionist Education. Research and Development Unit

Author(s): Steven M. Cohen

Research Area:

Keywords: Israel Attachment; Jewish Unity; Jewish Education; Jewish Identification

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The author proposes projects investigating two interrelated dimensions of Jewish collectivity. One study will aim to discover the relation of young adult Jews to their own Jewish community, and the other will aim to discover the relation of those same young adult Jews to Israel. He reviews trends characterizing modern Jewish communities including changing relationships to community and a decline in attachment to Israel. He argues that these projects will begin to conceptualize how local communal conditions are interwoven with the connection of Jews to Israel and the Jewish people. This in turn will inform effective educational policy and practice.