HIV/AIDS Prevention: Knowledge, Attitudes, Sense of Efficacy, and Worries about Becoming Infected Among a Group of Jewish Adolescents and Young Adults in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area

Publication Date: June 1998

Publisher: Jewish Communal Service Association of North America

Author(s): Daniel Wartenberg; Roberta Beer Fried; Robert Zielony

Research Area: Health

Keywords: Youth; Health; Jewish Organizations

Type: Report

Coverage: New York


The likelihood of sexual activity among Jewish adolescents and young adults, coupled with their knowledge deficits about AIDS, perceived social pressures to engage in high-risk behavior, and their discomfort with some risk-reduction behaviors strongly suggests the need for continued HIV/AIDS prevention and education efforts. These efforts should be targeted to those who have never attended an HIV/AIDS prevention workshop, younger adolescents, and males.

In Journal of Jewish Communal Service, v.74 no.4, Summer 1998.