An Adapation Group for Middle-Aged Clients from the Former Soviet Union

Publication Date: June 1996

Publisher: Jewish Communal Service Association of North America

Author(s): Adele Nikolsky

Research Area: Population and demographics; Social conditions

Keywords: Social Services; Mental Health; Immigration

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


Emigres from the former Soviet Union are able to participate in group therapy if the group process is not initiated by the leader but is a spontaneous byproduct of some more emotionally neutral process, such as lectures or group activities. The goal of the group described in this article was to help its middle-aged members break out of their isolation and adapt to their new country. To reach this goal, several modalities were applied in turn and together—lectures, regular group process, cultural activities, and finally transition to a self-help group.

In Journal of Jewish Communal Service, v.72 no.4, Summer 1996.