Doing More With Less: Can Jewish and Other Nonprofits Turn Crisis Into Opportunity?

Publication Date: May 2009

Publisher: Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Author(s): Barbara J. Cohn Berman; Jacob B. Ukeles

Research Area: Banking and finance; Business

Keywords: nonprofits; management; social services

Type: Other

Coverage: United States


Referring to his experience as an advisor to the New York City government during its 1975 fiscal crisis and his long experience and expertise in the not for profit sector, Ukeles offers advice on how nonprofits can best respond to the current economic recession/depression. He comments on the difference between for profit and not for profit management, and brings both positive and negative examples of response to crisis. He emphasizes the potential positive motivational effect of fear and shares specific strategies for management improvement. Berman's response focuses on the best implementation of processes of change, considering questions of law, personnel, morale, and client relations.