The Soviet Jewish Problem at the United Nations

Publication Date: January 1970

Publisher: American Jewish Committee

Author(s): Ronald I. Rubin

Research Area: Culture and religion; International relations

Keywords: Global Responsibility; Antisemitism; Former Soviet Union (FSU); Public Policy

Type: Report


The author examines the record of the United Nations on the issue of antisemitism in the Soviet Union. He addresses the following questions: How does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, rich in provisions of justice and equality, lend itself to the predicament of Soviet Jews, some 23 years after its adoption? How do member nations view the UN as a forum for focusing on Soviet antisemitism? How has the Kremlin treated accusations of Soviet antisemitism made in the UN?

The author concludes that bolder use must be made of intergovernmental and interpersonal communication at the UN in drawing attention to the persecution of Soviet Jewry.