The Dynamic Context of Jewish Education Today: A Summary of Interview Responses

Publication Date: April 2006

Publisher: Jewish Education Service of North America


Research Area: Culture and religion; Education

Keywords: Response; Future; Jewish Organizations; Education

Type: Other

Coverage: United States


To guide its inaugural project, "Redesigning Jewish Education for the 21st Century," the Lippman Kanfer Institute of JESNA (Jewish Education Service of North America) established an Advisory Council made up of a diverse group of individuals active in Jewish life in a variety of settings. This document is a summary of views expressed in interviews of 23 members of the Advisory Council focusing on three questions: 1) What are the most consequential changes affecting the lives of Jews and Jewish life in North America over the past quarter century? 2) What are some of the specific implications of these changes for Jewish education? 3) If you could wave a magic wand and make one change in Jewish education tomorrow, what would it be?