Supporting Families, Saving Funds: A Fiscal Analysis of New Jersey's Family Equality Act

Publication Date: November 2003

Publisher: Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies

Author(s): M.V. Lee Badgett; Brad Sears; Suzanne Goldberg

Research Area: Economics; Law and ethics

Type: Report

Coverage: New Jersey


This study, co-authored by the Institute of Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies (IGLSS) and UCLA's Williams Project on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, estimates the impact of the "Family Equality Act" (FEA) (Assembly Bill No. 3743) on New Jersey's budget. If enacted, the FEA would create a new registered domestic partner status for couples in New Jersey and would give registering couples a number of legal rights and responsibilities. Registration would be open to samesex and different-sex couples who live together and meet other qualifications based on mutual support, caring, and commitment.