Enhancing Jewish Population Studies


Publication Date: January 1986

Publisher: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Author(s): Daniel J. Elazar

Research Area: Population and demographics

Keywords: Demography; Academic Research; Methodology; Birth Cohorts

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The author argues that despite the proliferation of demographic studies on America's Jews and some advances in their sophistication, their quality and usefulness for research purposes still varies considerably. He advocates for the standardization of procedures in all phases of research so as to ensure maximum comparability between communities. The author asserts that Jewish demographers and researchers must continuously enhance and substantially modify their thinking about the design, conduct, and utilization of Jewish population studies. He concludes that only through full and careful exploration of every possible data source will answers be obtained to the vital questions of growth vs. decline, replacement vs. non-replacement, fertility, and the negative vs. positive effects of intermarriage and assimilation.