Progressive Judaism and Established Orthodoxy: The Realities and Challenges of Coexistence

Publication Date: January 1986

Publisher: Jewish Agency for Israel

Author(s): Richard Hirsch

Research Area:

Keywords: Religious Denominations; Jewish Continuity; Jewish Unity; Jewish Law (Halacha)

Type: Other

Coverage: United States


The author argues that while in the past the challenge faced by the Progressive movement was to respond to modernity, in the future it will be to respond to Jewish peoplehood. He explains that while he is aware that his views may not be representative of the majority of Progressive Jews, he believes that a liberal movement committed to Klal Yisrael must be committed to changing the current deteriorating direction of intra-Jewish relations. The author concludes by suggesting an extended process of negotiation with members of the modern Orthodox and Conservative movements who are similarly committed to Judaism as the life-enriching source of the Jewish people's existence.