Contact: The Journal of the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life -- Jewish Peoplehood: What Does It Mean?

Publication Date: January 2008

Publisher: Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Author(s): Dan Ehrenkrantz; Leonard Saxe; David Gedzelman

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Diversity; Language; Jewish identification; Jewish Unity

Type: Other


This issue of Contact explores the idea of Jewish peoplehood from a variety of perspectives. Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz and Rabbi Joy Levitt discuss Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan's conception of Jewish peoplehood. Dr. Leonard Saxe discusses Jewish peoplehood and young adults. Dr. Alan Mintz discusses the Hebrew language and Jewish peoplehood. Rokhl Kafrissen discusses the Yiddish language and Jewish peoplehood. Douglas Rushkoff advocates abandoning the ideal of Jewish nationalism or peoplehood, in favor of Jewish values and universal justice. Ruth Ouazana discusses the racial and cultural diversity of the Jewish people. Also included are articles by Rabbi David Gedzelman, an anonymous corporate executive, and Yosef Israel Abramowitz.