Contact: The Journal of the Jewish Life Network / Steinhardt Foundation -- Beyond the Bagel Brunch: New Approaches to College Engagement

Publication Date: January 2005

Publisher: Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Author(s): Amy L. Sales; Leonard Saxe; Simon Amiel

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Judaic Studies; Israel Education; Artistic Expression; Higher Education

Type: Other


This issue of Contact explores new ways of engaging Jewish college students in a deceptively simple manner, by infusing seemingly non-parochial college activities with opportunities for Jewish exploration. E. Kinney Zalesne discusses social engagement as social entrepreneurship. Amy L. Sales and Leonard Saxe discuss collegiate Jewish Studies courses. Simon Amiel reflects on a decade of Hillel's Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps. Shira Hutt discusses the arts as a vehicle of Jewish engagement. Lisa Eisen discusses Israel-related engagement on campus. Also included are articles by Katherine Jorgensen, Joe Shapiro, and Leora Maccabee.