Contact: The Journal of the Jewish Life Network / Steinhardt Foundation -- birthright israel: The Next Phase

Publication Date: January 2001

Publisher: The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Author(s): Leonard Saxe; Charles Kadushin; Archie Brodsky

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Identity Formation; Youth Engagement; Israel experience; Organizational Development

Type: Other


This issue of Contact discusses the next stages in the development of birthright israel, following the organization's initial overwhelming success. Leonard Saxe, Charles Kadushin, and Archie Brodsky examine the effects of birthright israel trips upon the Jewish identities of their participants. Simon Klarfeld and Gil Troy discuss follow-up efforts to connect with participants after the trip is over. Two birthright israel trip organizers, Doron Krakow and Esther Abramowitz, reflect on Israel programs during periods of increased tension in the region. Also included are articles by Rebecca Sills, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, and Michael H. Steinhardt.