Contact: The Journal of the Jewish Life Network / Steinhardt Foundation -- Measurement and Accountability in the Jewish World

Publication Date: January 2004

Publisher: Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Author(s): Michael H. Steinhardt; Leonard Saxe; Charles Kadushin

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Education; Leadership; Management; Jewish organizations

Type: Other


This issue of Contact explores the demands of measurement and accountability in the Jewish communal profession. Michael H. Steinhardt explains why we need measurement and accountability. Professors Leonard Saxe and Charles Kadushin discuss the results of rigorous research into the effectiveness of birthright israel. Sacha Litman and Rob Goldberg discuss the difficulties inherent in quantifying Hillel's results with students. Rabbi Yonatan Gordis and Rabbi Dr. Hayim Herring discuss the process of evaluating and improving synagogues. Leora W. Isaacs discusses enhancing Jewish education through evaluation. Bonnie Hausman discusses evaluating the impact of Jewish day schools. Yossi Prager discusses evaluation and accountability in philanthropy. Mirele B. Goldsmith discusses evaluating start-up programs. Rabbi David Gedzelman envisions a national center for the study and assessment of contemporary Jewish life.