Contact: The Journal of the Jewish Life Network / Steinhardt Foundation -- Young Adults On Their Own Terms

Publication Date: January 2002

Publisher: Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Author(s): Mark X. Jacobs; Shaul Kelner; Sally Gottesman

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Renewal and Renaissance; Adulthood; Youth Engagement; Leadership

Type: Other


This issue of Contact explores possibilities of young adult Jews finding gateways into increased Jewish involvement through initiatives launched on their own terms. Mark X. Jacobs discusses Jewish environmentalism. Sally Gottesman discusses Kolot: The Center for Jewish Women's and Gender Studies. Brian Gaines discusses Joshua Venture: A Fellowship for Jewish Social Entrepreneurs. Amy Amiel and Martin Kaminer discuss Bikkurim: An Incubator for New Jewish Ideas. Also included are articles by Shaul Kelner, Amy Tobin, Nigel Savage, Rhoda A. Weisman, Steven M. Cohen, Natalie Goldfein, and Sara Paasche-Orlow.