The Jewish Agency and Israel-Diaspora Relations: Some Concrete Steps for the Improvement of Jewish Agency Programs


Publication Date: October 1987

Publisher: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Author(s): Daniel J. Elazar

Research Area: Culture and religion

Keywords: Diaspora Relations; Jewish Unity; Philanthropy; Organizational Development

Type: Speech

Coverage: United States Israel


In this speech given in 1987, Daniel Elazar suggests ways and means to strengthen Israel-Diaspora relations through improvements in carrying out the functions of the Jewish Agency. He proposes a "comprehensive twinning" whereby a particular Diaspora community would acquire a wide range of responsibilities in a particular Israeli city, neighborhood or town, hopefully ensuring a continued close relationship. Elazar argues that the Agency's rural settlement and housing programs should be phased out. He briefly touches on the governance of the Jewish agency and anticipates that Israel-Diaspora relations will both broaden and deepen in the future.