Strengthening Relations Between Local Police and Immigrant Communities: The Role for Human Rights Commissions

Publication Date: June 2008

Publisher: National Council of La Raza

Author(s): Angela M. Arboleda; Robin Toma; Angela M. Arboleda; Robin Toma

Research Area: Labor; Population and demographics

Keywords: Social inequality; Humanitarian law; Citizenship documentation; Ethnic communities

Type: Report

Coverage: United States United States


As national pressure builds to crack down on illegal immigration, those working at the local level know that strained relationships between police and immigrant communities can be counterproductive to achieving public safety goals. With their experience working to minimize intergroup conflict and to eliminate discrimination, human rights and human relations organizations are equipped to partner with law enforcement officials to encourage effective working relationships between immigrant communities and police. The paper sets out ways in which human rights organizations can work with police departments to address community tensions surrounding day laborer hiring sites, gang violence, and ethnic and racial profiling.