,,Taxing Capital Income

Taxing Capital Income


Publication Date: June 2007

Publisher: Tax Policy Center

Author(s): Leonard E. Burman; Henry J. Aaron; C. Eugene Steuerle

Research Area: Banking and finance

Keywords: Economy; Income and Wealth Distribution; Tax Policy; Tax Distribution and Economic Trends

Type: Book


The question of whether to tax income from wealth has sparked debate since our country?s inception. Does taxing capital income ensure the progressivity of our system or merely discourage saving? Would switching our tax code to one that taxes only consumption be more efficient or only burden middle- and low-income people? And if we were to radically reform the way America taxes its citizens, how could we ensure that vital revenue would not be lost? Some analysts would even argue that, under our present byzantine tax system, we don?t really tax capital income at all. In this volume, eminent economists analyze the problems associated with taxing capital income and propose policy solutions, which are then challenged by their peers in informed commentary. It may not settle the debate, but policymakers, scholars, and the public will find a wealth of information and ideas to consider.