Do Economically Integrated Neighborhoods Have Economically Integrated Schools? 

Publication Date: December 2008

Publisher: Furman Center for Real Estate

Author(s): Ingrid Gould Ellen; Amy Ellen Schwartz; Leanna Stiefel

Research Area: Social conditions

Keywords: schools; segregation; Community and Economic Development

Type: Chapter


The goal of this book, the first in a series, is to bring policymakers, practitioners, and scholars up to speed on the state of knowledge on various aspects of urban and regional policy. The authors take a fresh look at several different issues (e.g., economic development, education, land use) and conceptualize how each should be thought of. Once the contributors have presented the essence of what is known, as well as the likely implications, they identify the knowledge gaps that need to be filled for the successful formulation and implementation of urban and regional policy.